Vietnam’s April 30, 1975 victory that marked the liberation of the southern region and national reunification is a great source of encouragement to progressive forces and peace lovers around the world, said participants at a workshop in Argentina capital city of Buenos Aires on March 26.

The event was held by the Confederation of Workers of Argentina on the 40th anniversary of the victory.

President of the Argentina-Vietnam Culture Institute Poldi Sosa recalled the days in the 1960s and 1970s when Argentinian people along with millions of people around the globe closely followed Vietnam’s resistance war against the US.

She highlighted the victory on April 30, 1975 as the most glorious triumph since Vietnam, an agricultural country lacking modern weaponry, successfully safeguarded its independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity with unshakable fighting spirit and patriotism.

She stressed that for the victory, more than 3.4 million Vietnamese people laid down their lives while 2.6 million people suffered from injuries, and millions of others were exposed to Agent Orange/Dioxin sprayed by the US .

Vietnamese Ambassador to Argentina Nguyen Dinh Thao noted the war against the US was among the fiercest wars in history, adding that the US used over 8 million tonnes of bombs during the war, doubling the volume it used in the World War II, and spread 20 million tonnes of Agent Orange from 1961 to 1971.

Since the liberation, Vietnam has embarked on its national development and attained remarkable achievements in various fields, especially in socio-economic aspects.

Over the past decade, its poverty rate was cut down from 30 percent to 8 percent while the annual economic growth was posted at 5-7 percent during the last 15 years, the diplomat said.-VNA