Architect students turn plastic bottles into toys (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - Around one thousand plastic bottles have been turned into colourful toys and useful teaching tools under a social project recently initiated by Vietnamese architect students.

Funded by the Coca-Cola Company and Golden Gate restaurant brand, the project has also received technical assistance from the Collaborative Art & Architecture Library (Agohub).

Standees are placed at restaurants to collect empty bottles (Photo: VNA)

The project aims to create a creative playground for children, particularly those in rural areas, to make their own toys while raising public awareness on reducing plastic waste and protecting the environment.

“We have seen the link between the rising tide of plastic waste, and the demand for children’s playgrounds in rural areas. As architects, we wanted to take advantage of our skills and the available materials to create a playground for children to make their own toys, while parents can learn from the model and help their children in creating” said Nguyen Huyen Chau – Agohub co-founder.
Nguyen Huyen Chau - Agohub co-founder is demonstrating a water running system made with plastic bottles (Photo: VNA)

The project is part of efforts being made by Vietnamese young people to reduce plastic waste in the context of plastic waste becoming an urgent issue globally.

Roughly 8 million tonnes of plastic waste are dumped into the ocean each year.  Vietnam is listed among top five source nations.

A group of architect students collect bottles at a restaurant in Hanoi (Photo: VNA)
According to international studies, it takes up to 100 years for plastic bags to be decomposed in the nature. The figure is over 400 years for plastic bottles. By 2050, the ocean will have more waste garbage than fish if no action is taken from now.

Under the project, the architecture students have turned around 1,000 bottles into kid toys. They also make complicated teaching tools, such as pulley systems and water running games.

Children are interested in colourful toys made with plastic bottles (Photo: VNA)

Pham Ngoc Chau Anh, 10, a Hanoi student, said she was amazed that plastic bottles can be turned into such useful and beautiful toys.

“I think this activity is very meaningful. It teaches us about recycling in order to protect the environment. We are also creating things at the same time,” Chau Anh said.

Chau Anh and little kids are curious about toys made with plastic bottles (Photo: VNA)

Since its launch in June, the project has drawn great attention from the community, particularly young people.

Ngo Thi Hoa, Head of Little Stars Kindergarten in Hanoi’s Hoang Mai district, took her students to see the models, thus giving her students an environmental lession.

Ngo Thi Hoa, Head of Little Stars Kindergarten wants to teach her students a recycling lesson using the toys (Photo: VNA)

“From the activity, we learn how they can turn plastic bottles into useful toys. It is necessary to teach kids environmental lessons and recycling. They are the ones who will keep our planet clean and green,” Hoa said.

The project aims to recycle at least 5,000 bottles by the end of this year. Participants hope that individuals and restaurants will help them collect more plastic bottles so that the project can run sustainably for time to come.-VNA