Website Dossiercultural of Argentina on May 1 published a story marking Vietnam’s 40th anniversary of liberation of the south and national reunification.

The April 30 victory was of international significance and encouraged the world revolutionary movement against imperialism for independence and sovereignty, the article wrote.

In the resistance war against the US, the Vietnamese people were not alone and they always received support from the world public, including the Argentinian government and people.

The article recalled that Argentina was one of the first nations to recognise Vietnam shortly after the signing of the Paris Agreement in 1973.

Many political organisations actively participated in the movement supporting Vietnam, including the Argentinian Communist Party, who sent a delegation to the North Vietnam to witness consequences of the war.

The same day the Latin America Summary ran a report on the ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City to mark the anniversary.

It also carried an article by a former Prensa Latina reporter, Martin Hacthoun, on his trip to the Cu Chi tunnel, 40km from Ho Chi Minh City, which was a base for revolutionary soldiers during the resistance war.-VNA