The Argentinean newspaper La Gaceta has published an article by the journalist Alina Diaconu on the late Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh and his poems in the “Prison Diary”.

In the article “The poet Ho Chi Minh”, Alina Diaconu said her visit to Vietnam last January revealed that the late President was not only a revolutionary, a politician and a statesman, but also a poet.

According to Diaconu, “Prison Diary” showed a great personality, depicting the perseverance of the revolution and resilience to overcome hardships with hope and optimism.

Despite being in prison, Ho Chi Minh demonstrated his poetic soul and love of nature through his art, Diaconu stated.

In the seven-page article, the journalist also recounted the life and revolutionary career of Ho Chi Minh as well as the milestones of the Vietnamese nation under the leadership of the late president.

While crossing the border to China in 1942 to seek support for the Vietnamese struggle for national liberation, revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh was arrested and detained by Chinese Kuomintang authorities.

"Prison Diary" consists of 133 poems written in Chinese Han script from August 29, 1942, to September 10, 1943.

It was translated into Vietnamese in 1960 and since then has been translated into a number of languages.

On October 1, 2012, the Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Tan Dung signed a declaration recognizing "Prison Diary" as a national treasure.-VNA