Bonsai tree planting has become a growing industry in Vietnam. The interest in this art is huge among people with a natural affinity for bonsai trees.

A bonsai is a miniature tree planted in a pot or rock. The art originates from Japan. In Vietnam it’s common to see them everywhere and the trees are seen as magical things as people believe they bring good fortune, long life and strengthen family ties.

According to Nguyen Quang from Thang Long Art Ornamental Plant Association, most Hanoians live in quite small areas such as small houses and small streets, they want to bring a natural and living space to their rooms so they can enjoy the greenery at home.

Previously, many people reckoned that this hobby was for old people, however nowadays there are many more people from all walks of life interested in bonsai growing.

Dinh Tung, a bonsai artist from Hanoi told reporters: "I’ve known bonsai growing for more than a decade, bonsai growing requires enthusiasm, meticulousness and patience."

A bonsai work is a miniature image of old trees, with miniature living landscape called Hon Non Bo. These landscapes imitate sceneries of traditional Vietnamese landscapes in islands, mountains and forests which requires skillful hands, meticulousness and the love for trees.

Nguyen Quang from Thang Long Art Ornamental Plant Association said: "We want to create the most natural bonsai trees, we want to create a century-old tree in a plot with a subtle and natural beauty."

A bonsai is not only an ornamental tree, but also a miniature living art which imitates the vitality of nature in art.-VNA