A new exhibition in Hanoi will showcase 25 paintings, including nude portraits by veteran artist Tran Luu Hau.

Hau used brown pencil, charcoal and coloured chalk to create the works, which haven't been seen before by the public.

"I like Hau's paintings very much, because they are so bright," said artist Mai Anh. "Normally Vietnamese nude paintings are gentle and soft. Looking at Hau's paintings, people will feel the beauty and vitality of the models."

The exhibition also includes paintings of landscapes, flowers and Hanoi's streets.

Two large acrylic paintings titled Rung Chuoi (Banana Forest) and Thuyen (Boat) catch the eye at a whopping 1.5m by 2.7m and 1.3m by 2.2m.

Tran Luu Hau is one of four living artists who studied at the Resistance School of Fine Arts. Though he's 88, Hau paints at home every day.

He used to teach at the Vietnam Academy of Fine Arts and head the Vietnam Fine Arts Association's Art Council.

He has spent his retired years painting. He has painted a lot - a display of his endless creativity.

Hau's paintings have made their way into private collections in Hong Kong, Singapore and Britain.

The paintings on display in Hanoi are owned by Le Trung Thanh. The exhibition runs until May 25 at Ngan Pho Gallery, 82 Hang Gai Street.-VNA