Article 5: Truong Sa garrisons popularise law to fishermen hinh anh 1Truong Sa soldiers popularise the law to fishermen (Photo: Vietnam+)

Khanh Hoa (VNA) -
Despite severe weather in May, soldiers in Truong Sa archipelago are focusing on training, safeguarding the sea and islands as well as boosting production to improve their living conditions.

They are also acting as a bridge to popularise the law to fishermen who are fishing offshore, helping them feel secure to cling to the sea and abide by Vietnamese and international laws.

Sailing to the sea together with fishermen

A summer morning on Thuyen Chai B submered island, fishing vessels are anchoring near the island after a night of fish catching. From afar are the national flags on the top of the vessels. The fishermen are cheering when seeing a working delegation from the mainland to visit Truong Sa.  

Captain Tran Van Lam, Commander of Thuyen Chai B island said that, although the island is far to the mainland, the weather conditions are severe, the officers and soldiers on the island always thoroughly grasp all tasks.

Not only fulfilling all the assigned tasks, officers of Thuyen Chai B island also perform effectively and strictly observe the discipline of people mobilization work, actively helping fishermen exploit aquatic products in the island area. They also provide medical check-ups and distribute medicine to fishermen in Khanh Hoa, Binh Dinh, Binh Thuan and Quang Ngai provinces.

“While talking to the fishermen as well as each time they ask for medicine, we take time to disseminate the situation of the area and the regulations in the fishing operations to the fishermen, such as: No fishing by using explosives, not exploiting outside the territorial waters, not causing conflicts with fishing vessels of neighboring countries,” Captain Lam emphasized.

In addition, officers and soldiers of Thuyen Chai B island also consider the companionship, assistance and support for fishermen as their responsibilities and obligations in doing marine economy and building national defense and sea security. As a core force protecting the sovereignty of the sea, the southern continental shelf of the country, in recent years, they have always accompanied with fishermen, protecting the peaceful environment on the sea.

Article 5: Truong Sa garrisons popularise law to fishermen hinh anh 2Fishing vessels of fishermen dock at Thuyen Chai B island area (Photo: Vietnam+)

Fishermen take responsibility as soldiers

For many generations, the journey of fishermen's outreach is not only a livelihood, but also a journey to mark the sovereignty of the sea and sacred islands of the country. The ship with the red colour-five star flags flying in the middle of the sea are the "living milestones," the fishermen on the boat are those who hold the tenacious and resilient markers.

In particular, with the spirit of "Making efforts to turn Vietnam into a strong nation on the sea, sustainable development, prosperity, security and safety"; "Every fisherman is a soldier, every ship is a mark to protect the sea and islands" ... with the support of task forces on the sea, islands, rigs, fishermen feel secure to cling to the sea, catch seafood and develop the economy.

Fisherman Nguyen Van Toan from Binh Dinh province has fished at Truong Sa fishing ground for nearly 10 years said, though facing many difficulties when fishing offshore, thanks to the support from the islands with fresh water, medicine and fish repair, fishermen are very happy. With the great support from officers and soldiers on the island, the fishermen fee secure to cling to the sea.

Witnessing the changes of Truong Sa through years, Rear Admiral Pham Van Luyen, Deputy Political Chief of Staff of the Navy Army said “Each year when visiting the islands on Truong Sa archipelago, I often see drastic changes from living conditions to resistance capacity of forces. Through popularisation, people nationwide also understand more about the functions, duties of the naval forces. It is the education, popularisation and consideration of the whole country, and State policies that help the garrisons feel secured, build up a strong bravery of ideology and belief in the leadership, handling situations at sea and preparing equipment ready to fight.”/.

Article 5: Truong Sa garrisons popularise law to fishermen hinh anh 3Soldiers on Truong Sa archipelago spend time reading books, newspapers to grasp information and legal regulations (Photo: Vietnam+)