The Northeastern Region Royal Rainmaking Center is preparing to conduct an artificial rainmaking operation on April 1.

The center on March 22 dispatched an aerial unit to survey the province’s Kudkhaopun district, which was hardest hit by droughts as it is not in a riparian zone and only has a small reservoir which is insufficient for cultivation during the drought season.

After the flight, the officials said the prevailing hot weather did not favor rainmaking operation at the moment. They however speculated that a tropical storm would likely make a landfall soon, which would help alleviate drought in the region to a certain degree.

Concerns have been raised that drought would damage the recently planted para rubber trees and vegetable farms if there is still no rain by the end of this month.

The artificial rain center thus planned to conduct rainmaking operations in three provinces, namely Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kean, and Ubon Ratchathani simultaneously beginning April 1. The operations are expected to benefit 19 provinces in the northeastern region.-VNA