It's been a while since veteran artists presented their works at the Fine Arts and Photography Centre in Hang Bai street, said artist Doan Thu Huong at the opening of a fine-arts' show on June 18.

The exhibition displays works by 50 artists and sculptors on Vietnam's sea and island possessions. They include such well known artists as Thanh Chuong, Dao Hai Phong, Le Tri Dung, Dinh Quan, Pham Luan and Le Thiet Cuong.

“Vietnamese people love the peaceful life because they have experienced so much war. Sea and islands are not unique subjects for me, but my paintings on the East Sea are a milestone in my career," said Thanh Chuong.

"I use art as a language to present ships in the East Sea protecting our sovereignty from Chinese invasion - and our determination to protect it," Chuong said.

Both of Chuong's paintings Bien Dong 2014 (East Sea 2014) and Noi Nuoc Sach Bien Xanh (Where the Water Is Clear and the Sea Is Blue) are highly artistic.

The oil-painting Where the Water is Clear and the Sea is Blue made strong impression on visitor Le Huu Hieu. "I like the painting because I see the concerns of the artist," said Hieu, an architecture.

Together with people nationwide, the artists express their attitudes to China's blatant incursion on Vietnamese territory.

The painting Troi Yen Bien Lang (Quiet Sky - Calm Sea) by Le Thiet Cuong was completed a week ago. In pastel colours, it was inspired by a Vietnamese idiom that expresses a desire for a peaceful life, said Cuong.

"It is a chance for leading artists to show their patriotism. In my case, it was accidental. I was already involved in painting my work about the sea when I was invited to take part in the exhibition," he said.

According to artist Thu Huong, Deputy Head of the Department of Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibitions, the show is also an opportunity for artists to contribute to the campaign confirming Vietnam's sovereignty over the Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagos.

Just back from the Truong Sa, Huong displays her latest painting at the exhibition. She painted the work entitled Luy Thep (Steel Bastion) during a recent trip to Truong Sa Lon (Truong Sa Island).

"Truong Sa Lon inspires me about the well-known battle on the Bach Dang River led by Ngo Quyen in 1288 which knocked out the Chinese invaders," Huong said.

The exhibition will run until June 24.-VNA