A group of Vietnamese artists has assembled an exhibition of artworks aiming to tell the story of the life and career of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs whose famous phase "Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Think different." has continued to inspire people all over the world even after his death last year.

The exhibition to mark the first anniversary of Steve Jobs’s death and acknowledge his contribution to society, entitled Think Different, is taking place at the National Library in Hanoi .

It is believed to be the first-ever art exhibition in the world dedicated to Jobs.
Sponsored by the US Embassy in Vietnam , it includes a bust of Jobs and 21 oil paintings that illustrate his life and contributions to information technology during a 35-year career.

Jobs was a charismatic pioneer in the personal computer revolution in the 1970s and 80s and made influential innovations in the computer and consumer electronics fields into the 21st century.

The project was initiated by Nguyen Duc Tien, an economist and Steve Jobs fan. Since Jobs's death on October 5 last year, Tien has worked on the project with painter Bui Van Khoa and sculptor Le Dinh Quy, both members of the Viet Nam Fine Arts Association.

"Through the exhibition, we also want to send a message to young people in Vietnam : equip yourself with different skills to be able to create products that can be welcomed by the whole world," said Tien.

Jobs was named one of the 20 most influential Americans of all time by Time magazine, placing his name alongside iconic historical greats like George Washington, Alexander Graham Bell, and Albert Einstein. He died of cancer on October 5, 2011, after first being diagnosed with the disease in 2003.-VNA