More than 10 paintings and sculptures made on the subject of war by artists from across the country are on display in downtown Hanoi.

This exhibition is part of a project of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to encourage contemporary artists to compose artworks on the theme of patriotism.

The displayed items include works of various media, such as oil-on-canvas and lacquer paintings, as well as copper and stone sculptures, which depict patriotism, bravery, and the sacrifice made by Vietnamese people during the war of resistance against the French and American.

"As the years pass by, the memories of the heroic battles featured in the artworks become more meaningful," Deputy Minister of Culture Vuong Duy Bien said.

"They're like reminders, praising our people's patriotism. The exhibition is dedicated to the older generations who died or were injured while fighting for our independence. I hope the artworks inspire younger generations."

Moreover, Vi Kien Thanh, the head of the ministry's Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibition Department, noted that the movement of composing artworks was launched in June 2011, when the ministry commissioned 13 artists to create pieces of art on the subject.

"I highly appreciate the sculptures made by four artists, three of whom are more than 60 years old," sculptor Luu Danh Thanh, who is part of the jury, remarked "They made the sculptures with their hearts, as I know that with such a small budget from the State (1 billion VND (47,000 USD) spent for all 13 artworks), we cannot manage the cost of materials, let alone encourage creative ideas."

Thanh especially appreciated Phan Gia Huong's sculpture of Vietnamese mothers in three regions. The stone sculpture is so large that it cannot be displayed at the exhibition hall. Instead, it will be displayed later in the yard at the Vietnam Museum of Women.

Furthermore, Le Anh Van, a painter on the jury, said that four of the eight paintings were of excellent quality, while the other four were of good quality.

He added that he appreciated Dao Quoc Huy's oil-on-canvas painting, entitled Suc Manh Nguoi Linh (Strength of Soldiers), which features people at the rear of the battle, such as old mothers and children.

"Although Huy is from the younger generation that did not experience the wars, he understands that weapons were not the strength of the soldiers; it was their motherland and families," Van pointed out.

The artworks will be showcased at Exhibition House, 29 Hang Bai Street, through the end of the week.-VNA