The ASEAN Chair experience of Vietnam will facilitate the nation’s cooperation in ASEAN as well as in regional and international integration, affirmed a diplomatic official.

Deputy Foreign Minister Dao Viet Trung made the statement at a workshop to review the nation’s experiences as ASEAN Chair 2010, in Hanoi on Mar. 17.

Trung highlighted the achievements of Vietnam while taking the ASEAN Chair in 2010 and stated that the country fulfilled the role excellently, contributing to speeding up the process to build the ASEAN Community, boosting solidarity in the bloc and regional linkages, operating the new apparatus of the ASEAN Charter and boosting relations between ASEAN and its partners.

He said through those achievements, Vietnam ’s position in the international arena has improved markedly.

Trung also affirmed that the success of Vietnam as the ASEAN Chair in 2010 was a result of efforts and high determination by the whole Party, State, ministries, sectors, localities and people./.