The formation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Community, which is scheduled to unveil by the end of the year, will open up great opportunities for the Republic of Korea (RoK), said an official of the East Asian country.

The new general secretary of the ASEAN-RoK Centre Kim Young-sun made the remark when he took office in Seoul on May 4.

Kim said developing an extensive network to connect the RoK and ASEAN member countries across fields such as government, politics, economy, education, media or culture is one of his priorities.

The ASEAN is the RoK’s second biggest trade partner with two-way trade reaching 135 billion USD in 2013, comparing with merely 8.2 billion USD in 1989.

The ASEAN-RoK centre was established as an inter-governmental organisation in 2009 with the goal of promoting economic, cultural and social exchanges between the two sides.

The centre has carried out more than 70 programmes each year in commerce, culture, tourism and some other sectors to help RoK people enrich their understanding about the ASEAN.-VNA