ASEAN member states have expressed concern over the rise of violence and brutality committed by terrorist organisations and extremist groups in Iraq and Syria.

Their foreign ministers noted that these groups not only pose a threat to the people of Iraq and Syria, but also to all countries in the Middle East, and if left unchecked, to the rest of the world, adding that ASEAN denounces all acts of destruction, violence, and terror in all its forms and manifestations.

ASEAN reiterates its commitments to the implementation of the ASEAN Convention on Counter Terrorism and the ASEAN Comprehensive Plan of Action on Counter Terrorism, both of which aim to prevent and suppress terrorism by addressing its root causes and disrupting terror networks and financing channels, said the statement.

ASEAN supports the UN Security Council Resolutions 2170 (2014) and 2178 (2014) which call on the international community to suppress the flow of foreign terrorist fighters and financing to prevent terrorist groups and their supporters from posing a threat to international peace and security.

ASEAN renews its commitment to work with the international community to fight against extremism, radicalism and terrorism and address its root causes, including through the promotion of the Global Movement for Moderates (GMM), to prevent further violence and brutality, in accordance with international law and the UN Charter.

ASEAN deems it imperative for the international community to work together in unity in the fight against terrorism, extremism and radical groups, wherever they occur, it added.-VNA