The ASEAN Customs Transit System (ACTS) workshop has been held recently in Jakarta, Indonesia, discussing issues around the harmonisation of customs procedures for transit goods and how to strengthen mutual understanding between ASEAN member nations in the field.

Organised under the ASEAN Regional Integration Support from the European Union (EU) (ARISE) programme, the event focused on transit processes and procedures, which are expected to help simplify, and save time and cost for customs procedures.

Participants said it is essential to set up a risk management programme for ACTS at starting point, transit process and point of arrival of goods. They stressed relevant sides, including governmental agencies and private areas, should enhance mutual support and links in order to successfully deploy ACTS in the region.

ACTS is scheduled to be run on trial from May, 2016 and will officially become operational six months later.
It will not only help save cost and time for transporting goods by road within ASEAN, but also be a motive and prerequisite condition for realising agreements on transport reached between ASEAN member nations.-VNA