Leaders and experts in the broadcast sector from 10 ASEAN member countries are gathering in Hanoi on Nov. 24 for a two-day meeting to discuss the transition to digital broadcasting.

Speaking at the 8th ASEAN Digital Broadcasting (ADB) meeting, Luu Vu Hai, Director of the Department for Management of Broadcasting, Television, and Electronic Information under the Ministry of Information and Communications, said that ASEAN in general and Vietnam in particular have recently undertaken concrete steps to digitize their broadcast system.

According to Director Hai, Vietnam has implemented digital television in 43 cities and provinces nationwide and the country is undertaking a pilot project on the installation of mobile digital television. The country will switch over to digital television instead of cable television by 2020, he added.

The Director affirmed that as ASEAN chair in 2010, Vietnam is expected to step up the dynamic and active cooperation among ASEAN member countries, especially in the field of information and communications.

Participants to the meeting are expected to discuss issues relating to the coverage level of broadcasting, the importance of digital television, and the application of digital technology to other broadcast activities./.