Over 700 businesses representatives from ASEAN and EU have called on the governments of ASEAN and EU countries to minimise non-tariff barriers, as well as harmonising procedures and regulations on goods and services to further facilitate investment and trade activities.

At their consultation meeting with ASEAN economic ministers and European Union (EU) Trade Commissioner Karel DeGutch in Hanoi on March 9, the businesses also asked ASEAN member countries to facilitate the flow of human resources within the region by harmonising standards and procedures in terms of labour training, immigration and security.

In particular, they urged the ASEAN to build a common set of regulations in finance and banking, and a joint payment mechanism among ASEAN’s banks to serve businesses in the region.

Chairman of the European Business Chamber of Commerce (Eurocham) Preben Hjortlun said investors all want transparent and fair policies and laws on investment.

Participants also shared ideas on the need for ASEAN member countries to have fair treating treatment for enterprises of all economic sectors.-VNA