The European Union is in cooperation with ASEAN to implement a training programme aimed at enhancing free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations for Cambodia , Laos , Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV).

The Enhancing ASEAN FTA Negotiating Programme, which was implemented in Cambodia last month, started in Laos on Dec. 11 and will last for four months, the ASEAN Secretariat said in a communiqué.

Under the programme, a series of in-country training workshops is held to enhance the understanding and implementation of multilateral and regional trade principles, policies and agreements of mid-level officials.

After Laos , similar trainings are planned to be held in Myanmar and Vietnam in the succeeding months.
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) includes Brunei , Cambodia , Indonesia , Laos , Malaysia , Myanmar , the Philippines , Singapore , Thailand and Vietnam-VNA.