ASEAN, EU work to ensure higher education quality hinh anh 1 ASEAN, EU work to ensure higher education quality. (Photo:

ASEAN held a series of policy dialogues with the European Union (EU) on the Support to Higher Education in ASEAN Region programme (SHARE) in Jakarta on August 24-25 to seek higher education quality for the ASEAN region.

“Through this inaugural Policy Dialogues, we aim to map existing cooperation on higher education in ASEAN, identify and tap on potential synergies to ultimately benefit students, higher education institutions, and professionals in the region,” said ASEAN Deputy Secretary General Alicia Dela Rosa Bala.

SHARE is a 10 million EUR project funded by the EU to strengthen regional cooperation, enhance quality and international competitiveness of ASEAN higher education institutions and students, contributing to the future ASEAN Community.

The dialogues were part of ASEAN’s goal to achieve university degree acknowledgement in all member states and enhance the capacity of universities in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam (CLMV).

They also aim to strengthen connectivity and improve competitiveness of the higher education sector in the region.

ASEAN and the EU also hoped to enhance cooperation and mutual assistance in human resources development the future, especially in higher education among ASEAN member states and between ASEAN and the EU.-VNA