The Confederation of ASEAN Journalists (CAJ) has opposed China’s continued aggressive actions in all waters that it now claims as "part" of its national territory.

In its statement issued on July 3, the CAJ said these actions have become a serious concern for all peace-loving people everywhere, in particular, to the people of Southeast Asia.

Specifically, China’s actions have now seriously affected its relationship with the two CAJ members, the Philippines and Vietnam, both of whom are now at the "receiving end" of China’s bullying tactics in the East Sea.

"We describe China’s actions as "bullying" because, clearly, it is using its economic and military might against its weak and smaller neighbours to back up its territorial claims without regard to historical tradition and facts and to the long, peaceful relationship that has existed between China and other countries in the ASEAN region," the CAJ said.

As the umbrella organisation of all media groups in the region, the CAJ supports all efforts of the affected governments and other international supports and agencies to find a more lasting and binding solution to this issue through peaceful means.

For its part, China, as a leading member of the United Nations, should show leadership by example thru its respect for the territorial integrity of its immediate neighbours, abidance to the rule of law and acknowledgement of the importance of international arbitration in the settlement of disputes, the CAJ said.

"As for our fellow journalists in the region and elsewhere, we should all pool our efforts in educating and informing the public on the importance of mutual respect, especially among nation-states, in calling on China to return to the negotiating table and in reminding China that the policy it is currently pursuing is not earning for its greater respect but rather, greater suspicion leading to its isolation before the eyes of the world," said the confederation.-VNA