ASEAN members seek to boost economic cooperation

The 10th Meeting of the Committee of the Whole for the ASEAN Economic Community was held in Hanoi January 11.

This is an important meeting, coordinating the main activities carried out in many different channels to ensure the consistency of goals and the Roadmap for implementing priorities in ASEAN.

The meeting addressed the issues relating to coordination among the Committees or task forces in different sectors to promote ASEAN economic integration in a more effective manner, aiming to fulfill the targets set in the ASEAN Economic Cooperation blueprint for the 2015 – 2025 period.

It focused its discussion on the initiatives prioritized in the economic pillar for ASEAN 2020, with the country gearing towards promoting connectivity and connecting intra-ASEAN region, promoting partnerships for peace and sustainable development, improving ASEAN’s adaptation capacity and enhancing the bloc’s operation efficiency./.