The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Russia have agreed to fully realise their Trade and Investment Cooperation Roadmap and plans of action on energy, farming and food security, science and technology.

This was reached at the 12th meeting of the ASEAN – Russia Joint Cooperation Committee in Jakarta on April 30 to review the progress and work out orientations for their bilateral dialogue partnership.

Specifically, they debated a draft plan on appraising and adopting projects funded by the ASEAN – Russian Federation Dialogue Partnership Financial Fund, making it easier to fulfill the remaining tasks set under the Comprehensive Plan of Action (CPA) that will end by 2015.

They underscored the need to draft a new post-2015 CPA. Joint projects involving nano biotechnology, the global positioning system and remote sensing technology were adopted.

Preparations for joint activities slated for later this year, including the ASEAN – Russia Senior Officials’ Meeting and the second ASEAN – Russia Youth Summit, also came up for discussions.

Last year, both sides hosted the first ASEAN – Russia Youth Summit, the ASEAN – Russia business forum, and symphony orchestra performances.-VNA