The wife of Indonesia’s Permanent Representative to ASEAN, Ugi Pramono, assumed the helm of the ASEAN Women’s Circle (AWC) for 2015-2016 at a ceremony held in Jakarta on March 4.

Speaking at the debut ceremony for the new AWC’s executive board, Ugi Pramono pledged to promote practical activities in line with new action plans to further the role of women in the development of the ASEAN bloc and the ASEAN Community.

The AWC's priorities for 2015-2016 include engaging with various community-based organisations. Symbolising the first step towards this initiative, the AWC presented donations to two civil society organisations working to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Jakarta.

Attending the event, ASEAN Secretary General Le Luong Minh spoke highly of the AWC’s activities in the past few years, contributing to the bloc’s development and improving the role of women in the region.

The AWC was established in 1975 under the initiative of Nelly Adam Malik, spouse of Adam Malik, the then Indonesian Foreign Minister and one of the founders of the ASEAN.-VNA