The Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports has launched an e-learning project for Thai tourism workforce after finding that there is a possibility of an influx of ASEAN workers into the tourism sector in Thailand.

The programme, called “ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Tourism Professionals” aims to prepare interested people for 32 types of jobs in the tourism sector. Those who pass the training’s tests will receive certificates from the Institution for Tourism Professional Training.

According to Deputy Permanent Secretary for Tourism and Sports Thanittha Sawetsila Maneechote, the ministry expects that a large quantity of workers from ASEAN member countries, especially the Philippines and Indonesia, will travel to work in Thailand as the Thai minimum wage is higher than in their own countries.

On the other hand, she indicated that not many Thai people want to work abroad because there are limited jobs available in developed countries where minimum wages are higher than in Thailand.

The deputy permanent secretary suggested the Thai government encourage Thai people to work in the ASEAN Plus Three and Plus Six countries, such as the Republic of Korea, Japan and Australia.

She added that the Thai tourism workforce should urgently develop their service skills as well as English and ASEAN languages in preparation for fiercer competition in the labour market.-VNA/NNT