Senior labour officials from ASEAN member countries met their partners from China, Japan and the Republic of Korea in Hanoi on May 21 to prepare for the ASEAN+3 Labour Ministers’ Meeting (ALMM+3).

At the ASEAN+3 Preparatory Senior Labour Officials’ Meeting (PrepSLOM+3), the participants have reviewed the cooperation programmes between ASEAN and those partners on labour and social security and put forwards directions for cooperation in the coming time.

The outcome of the PrepSLOM+3 will be submitted to the ALMM+3.

Same day, the ASEAN Preparatory Senior Labour Officials’ Meeting (PrepSLOM) concluded in Hanoi , passing documents that will be submitted to ASEAN labour ministers for approval in their meeting on May 24.

The documents include an action plan for ASEAN labour ministers for the period 2010-2015, a report on the protection and promotion of migrant workers’ rights and a report on hygiene and labour safety in ASEAN.

As the host, Vietnamese labour officials actively proposed priorities for actions that were endorsed by most of the participants./.