The closing meeting for the ASEAN-EU Year of Sciences, Technology and Innovation 2012 (YoSTI 2012) was jointly organised by the SEA-EU NET project and the EU Committee in Brussels, Belgium on December 12.

YoSTI 2012, initiated in November, 2011, witnessed approximately 40 events in ten Southeast Asian countries and the EU. It aimed to boost scientific and technological cooperation between the two regions.

The event created favourable conditions for researchers and policy-makers to meet and discuss the results and benefits of research activities and the bi-regional cooperation potential.

The meeting’s reports revealed the key outcomes and impacts on the future of ASEAN-EU collaboration.

During the engagement, high-level policy-makers from the EU and ASEAN, as well as researchers, research managers and members of key research institutions assessed how synergy in science and technology between the EU and the ASEAN region can be created.

It was mutually agreed that the emerging scientific ties create opportunities for scientists to jointly explore new technology potentials, such as gene and nano-technology, increase agricultural productivity, figure out smarter approaches to produce and conserve energy, and seek secure provision of food and clean water in the two regions.-VNA