Millions of people in some Asian countries, especially China on Jan. 22 celebrated the arrival of the Lunar New Year of the dragon with fireworks and best wishes.

In the Chinese capital city of Beijing , thousands of people gathered in streets to watch firework shows and count down the time to enter the New Year.

The Lunar New Year is an important occasion for the Chinese people to spend time for their family.

Meanwhile, at Kantei-Byo Temple in Tokyo , Japan , the Lunar New Year began with bustling sounds of firecrackers, constant wishes and prayers for a propitious new year.

The temple is a cultural and belief centre of the Chinese community living and working in Japan .

Although the Japanese people do not celebrate the Lunar New Year festival like as other Asian countries, they still have a habit to go to Kantei-Byo Temple in order to pray for the best things to their family./.