Asia’s largest medium-density fibre-board (MDF) factory, in the Minh Hung III industrial zone, Chon Thanh district, in the southern province of Binh Phuoc, went into operation on August 28 after taking more than two years to build.

The factory is built at a cost of 125 million USD on a 38-hectare site and the joint stock company, MDF VRG Dongwha, a joint venture between the Dongwha Group from the Republic of Korea and the Vietnam Rubber Industry Group, is the main investor.

It is equipped with the same advanced machinery and technologies used in European countries.

With an output of more than 1,000 cu.m a day and 300,000 cu.m a year, the factory would bring in more than 1 trillion VND in revenue this year.

The company has also built a chemicals plant to directly supply the factory with additional raw materials to improve its competitiveness in terms of quality and prices.

Once fully operational, the factory will help meet domestic and overseas demands for MDF, while generating jobs and raising the incomes of the local community.-VNA