ASIM Telecom gets network licence hinh anh 1ASIM Telecom becomes the 8th network in the market. (Photo:
Hanoi (VNA) - ASIM Telecom, developer of LOCAL mobile network, has officially been given a licence to establish a public telecom network from March 31, becoming the 8th network in the Vietnamese market.

The network operator has carried out the process of providing a trial of basic and value-added telecommunications services nationwide from April 2021 with about 100,000 SIM cards using MobiFone broadband to the market. LOCAL mobile network provides super data packages with large daily capacity (up to 5GB a day) and promotes the development of a digital service ecosystem to create new digital experiences for customers.

LOCAL mobile network is completing telecommunications services to provide customers with a full billing, customer care, distribution, marketing and sales systems. This is a great opportunity to help LOCAL build many plans, products and handle most of the technical and commercial functions in addition to the radio access network infrastructure.

Vu Minh Tri, ASIM Group’s General Director – ASIM Telecom’s parent company, said: “Vietnam's telecommunications market still has a lot of potential for network operators like LOCAL, especially when digital transformation has been seen in all areas of life. Thanks to the strong foundation from member companies in the fields of telecoms, finance and entertainment, LOCAL mobile network has an advantage in developing the digital ecosystem. With available mobile network, internet connection and digital banking, users could transform their own life."

In 2022, LOCAL mobile network will continue the process of technical preparation, develop super app, connecting with digital platforms to provide finished products to users.

Last month, ASIM Telecom and Vietnam Young Physicians’ Association signed an agreement to develop consulting programme to support COVID-19 patients nationwide via the application./.