The Germany Business Association (GBA) always encourages the sustainable and quality development of business and trade relations between Vietnam and Germany, said GBA President Alexander Bischoff.

Speaking at a press conference in Ho Chi Minh City on the occasion of the 15 th founding anniversary of the GBA, Bischoff spoke highly of outstanding achievements that Vietnam has made during the past decades and pledged to strengthen the economic and trade relations between the two countries.

He noted areas that Germany businesses are interested in include education, infrastructure and environment.

The GBA includes 150 members representing all industries and sectors in Germany , including high technology, logistics, trade, finance and law, he said, adding that GBA members have provided advanced technologies and management models for Vietnam to expand their operations in the country.

According to Jam Nother, a member of the GBA Executive Board and Chief Representative of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam , Germany ’s groups have contributed a stable investment to Vietnam .

Besides their direct investment, these groups have invested in Vietnam through their subsidiary companies in other countries, he said.

GBA Vice President Holger Benthien said that international investors are shifting their investment to Asian countries, including China and Vietnam .

Germany businesses are more interested in Vietnam and want to develop investment and trade relations with the country, which boasts its stable political situation and abundant, young and studious human resources, he added.

Germany companies have so far poured 1.2 billion USD in Vietnam . Two-way trade between the two countries reached 4.7 billion USD in 2009, of which Germany exported 1.3 billion USD worth of goods to Vietnam and imported commodities worth 3.4 billion USD from the Southeast Asian country./.