Attorneys in Vietnam urgently need complete regulations on disciplinary measures to deal with violations of ethical rule and state law among the staff, a seminar was told.

Vietnam Bar Federation President Le Thuc Anh said the regulations would help ensure that correct, impartial and objective discipline will be given to ethical and law violations by attorneys.

The building of regulations on disciplinary procedures for law and ethics violations by attorneys is in the spotlight of the two-day seminar opened in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho on August 18.

The event is co-organised by the Vietnam Bar Federation (VBF) in partnership with the Governments of Denmark and Sweden and the European Union through the Justice Partnership Programme (JPP).

Vietnam has some 6,000 attorneys who are eligible for practicing law, with over 3,000 in Ho Chi Minh.

Working independently, attorneys need to have a coordinating mechanism and regulation so that management agencies can supervise their operation effectively.

The seminar brought together delegates from the VBF Standing Committee, the National Council of Lawyers and the Committee of Supervision of Ethics, Awards and Discipline.

Representatives from relevant ministries and associations from 62 cities and provinces nationwide and legal experts from Canada and Japan were also present at the event./.