From 2016-2019, the State Audit has audited 84 investment projects in the form of transport BOT contracts, proposing a financial settlement of 4,684 billion VND, equal to 3.4% of the total audit value, with many projects having a large handling ratio from 11% to 13%.

It is proposed to reduce the payback period of 81 projects up to 300 years, of which the project with most time being reduced is 13 years.

State Audit also audited 50 investment projects in the form of BT contracts and recommended a financial settlement of 9,102 billion VND equal to 13.78% of the total audited value.

Some projects are recommended to a financial settlement of 27% to 29% of the value.

If BOT and BT projects are not audited over time, a huge amount of money will be lost. This problem will increase the costs people have to pay. Also, businesses and the State budget will lose tons of money./.