The Australian and Thai navies on September 10 started a joint maritime exercise named “Austhai 09” in the Gulf of Thailand.

The exercise, taking place in the waters off Sattahip, will see HMAS Darwin, a Royal Australian Navy Adelaide Class Frigate, conduct joint operations with the Thai missile corvette, HTMS Rattanakosin and the frigate HTMS Kririrat, reported the Australian Department of Defence.

During the week long exercise, core naval warfare skills will be practised including seamanship, anti-submarine tactics, anti-aircraft procedures as well as standard naval operations.

“Austhai 09” will enhance naval skills, professional standards and safety techniques while increasing the understanding of operational procedures between the Australian and Thai navies, the department said.

This is the fifth joint exercise between the Australian and Thai navies as they share a common interest in the security and stability of the Southeast Asian region, the department added on its website./.