Vietnam, with a population of around 90 million, strong economic growth and its proximity to China, is one of the more appealing markets in Asia, according to The Australian Financial Review , a leading daily newspaper of Australia.

With the title “Good name helps SMEs gain foothold in Vietnam”, the article which published on September 11, said Australia’s assistance in the construction of the My Thuan Bridge in the south of Vietnam still resonates in commercial dealings in the rapidly developing country.

The bridge over the Mekong River linking Tien Giang and Vinh Long provinces, which was completed more than decade ago and was a joint venture between the Australian and Vietnamese governments, has helped bring Australia’s commercial reputation, the article noted.

It added that t he bridge project and Australia’s reputation have helped Australian companies gain a foothold in Vietnam.

According to Head of global trade at HSBC, Andrew Skinner, Vietnam will eclipse the growth in China’s trade with Australia next decade, growing at around 8 percent by 2030.

Vietnam is a low-cost manufacturer and also has a young population, which help its growth, Skinner said.-VNA