Cool Autumn breezes are ideal for sipping coffee and contemplating the beauty of the city. That thought struck US visitors Mike and Ashley, who were at the famed Giang coffee house to try its signature egg coffee. 

After enjoying their egg coffee, they headed to Hoa Lo Prison in the heart of Hanoi. Withstanding wars against the French and American imperialists, the historic site is a symbol of Vietnamese people’s patriotism. 

The 120-year-old prison and its significant historical values is a must-see destination for both local and foreign visitors to Hanoi. Most are deeply touched by the exhibits and stories told inside the old prison walls.

Visiting Hanoi in Autumn is an unforgettably romantic experience for visitors, when they can easily find beautiful moments in different corners of Vietnam’s capital. It is surely an unforgettable time for anyone, though they are locals or foreigners./.