Thailand’s central city of Ayutthaya stands to be one of the great beneficiaries of the 2.2 trillion THB mega project currently underway. As an important business and tourism zone, it holds enormous developmental potentials.

The city was founded 663 years ago and was a former capital of the Kingdom of Thailand . It has long been the country's bread basket, while boasting various antiquities and good tourism, and being home to three industrial estates, which together generate employment to over 100,000 locals.

The future of Ayutthaya and its nearby regions will undergo significant changes in terms of its infrastructure developments, such as the renovation of the four main roads stretching from Ayutthaya to Chainat, the construction of new motorway connecting Bang Pa -In, Saraburi and Nakhon Ratchasima, and 12 dams. The city will become one of the stop-off stations on the high-speed rail from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

If all goes as planned in terms of infrastructure developments, the city is forecast to generate up to 25 percent in terms of its economic growth.-VNA