The Farmers’ Union in the northern province of Bac Giang held a ceremony on November 10 to honour outstanding farmers in the locality’s three-year emulation campaign on promoting production and reducing poverty.

A total of 132 units, households and individuals were praised for their forward thinking in applying scientific and technical advances to production and business as well as in adapting to the market economy, thus becoming rich themselves and helping others escape from poverty.

They are the best among thousands of the union’s members who are operating more than 116,000 production and business establishments with high economic values, generating incomes from hundreds of millions of dong to billions of dongs each year.

Some of the model farmers are Vu Duy Kiem in Luc Ngan district who grows several types of quality orange and earns around 1.7 billion VND (81,000 USD) a year, and Nguyen Van Duoc from Hiep Hoa district, whose pig farm brings him 1 billion VND (47,600 USD) each year.-VNA