“Bau Oi” charitable fund and the printing company of the Vietnam People’s Army General Staff presented a sanatorium to Agent Orange/dioxin victims in northern Bac Giang province on July 14.

Beginning in 2012, the house was constructed inside the Phu Quy Care and Vocational Training Centre at a total cost of 2 billion VND (91,660 USD), including 865 million VND (39,660 USD) sourced from the “Bau Oi” fund and 570 million VND (26,130 USD) from the printing company.

The facility will support the detoxification and rehabilitation of dioxin victims through cultural and sporting activities.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Vice President of the Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin Lieutenant General Hoang Chau Son hailed the new facility as a great support for living dioxin victims and hoped sponsors and donations would continue to help them have a better life.

Bac Giang province is home to about 4,000 war veterans exposed to Agent Orange/dioxin, most of whom struggle to make ends meet every day.-VNA