Bestowed with a year-round cool climate, many households in Bac Kan province have invested in cold-water fish farming associated with tourism in recent times and initially posted good results.

This is a salmon and sturgeon farm owned by Dang Hanh Dung in Yen Duong commune, Ba Be district.

Since combining raising fish with tourism, the number of visitors to his farm has increased, resulting in higher fish consumption.

Dung's farm is quite large, earning him hundreds of millions of VND a year.

There are four farms in Bac Kan raising salmon and sturgeon. Thanks to the climate, local salmon and sturgeon products are of good quality and have found favour among consumers.

Some salmon and sturgeon farms are located high in the mountains, where the climate is cooler and the landscapes beautiful, so fish farm owners have combined fish rearing with tourism.

Visitors can sightsee at the farms and nearby, enjoy some fish dishes, and learn about the culture of the local people. Tours of fish farms have helped boost the earnings of local people.

The results shows that cold water fish farming combined with tourism is a new and highly-effective business. It promises to be a means of helping sustainably reduce the poverty rate in mountainous and ethnic minority areas./.