The northern mountainous province of Bac Kan has approved several measures to support day-boarders in the province as from the 2015-2016 academic year.

Boarding schools will be provided with funding to buy kitchen tools for the students at an average 40,000 VND per day-boarder for each school year, and electricity subsidies for 10kWh per student each month, according to the plan recently approved by the provincial People’s Council.

Besides, teachers and school staff who take care of students outside class time will receive financial support, calculated on the number of the day-boarders at school, for a maximum 9 months per year.

According to Vice Chairman of Bac Kan People’s Council Phuong Thi Thanh, the policy is designed based on the local situation, where most students choose to stay at lodging houses near the school or dormitories due to long distance and lack of adequate transport system.-VNA