The Mekong Delta province of Bac Lieu aims to complete more than 200 rural traffic construction initiatives across the locality in 2015 in an attempt to fulfil the modern rural area building programme criteria.

The works include the construction of inter-commune and inter-ward roads, bridges and upgrades valued at over 134 billion VND (6.2 million USD).

The construction of other large-scale projects will also be boosted to serve the local transportation system.

In 2014, Bac Lieu made as economic growth of 12 percent and its economic structure has been transformed with higher proportions of industry and service sector.

Currently, industry-construction contributes 24.71 percent to the province’s total GDP, while services make up 25.59 percent and agriculture, 49.70 percent.

Per capita GDP was raised to 39.33 million VND per year, while 97 percent of local households have access to the electricity grid.

Four communes in Bac Lieu completed all 19 criteria of the new-style rural area building programme, while six others fulfilled 15-18 criteria.

Tourism has been set a key economic sector of the locality in the time to come.-VNA