The northern province of Bac Ninh is deploying education and monitoring programmes to control the number of HIV/AIDS carriers and deaths, heading to its goal of eradicating new infections.

According to Deputy Director of the provincial centre for HIV/AIDS prevention and control Dinh Mai Van, training courses have been organised to educate risk groups on the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS.

Local authorities have directly talked with over 47,000 at-risk people and provided HIV tests for more than 4,700 people and another 8,000 pregnant women.

Working groups have delivered over 64,000 condoms, 60,000 disposable syringes and thousands of flyers, books, and magazines on HIV/AIDS prevention, and care of HIV/AIDS carriers, he said.

The most effective measure now is enhancing education programmes on media on the ways to prevent the fatal disease among at-risk groups, including drug users, women with HIV/AIDS infected husbands, pregnant women infected with HIV/AIDS and freelance labourers working away from home.
Moreover, in response to the National Action Months of HIV/AIDS control 2013 and World AIDS Day (December 1), the province will organise meetings and a parade to raise public awareness on the issues.

By October 2013, Bac Ninh province had 2,355 people with HIV, 866 of those developed AIDS and 660 died.
The fatal disease is present in all eight districts and towns of the province. Among them, Bac Ninh city has the highest number of HIV/AIDS carriers with nearly 1,300 cases, accounting for more than half of the province’s total figure.-VNA