Products made from bamboo such as furniture have been popular among Vietnamese people for centuries.  However, it’s a surprise to see people use bamboo as a material to make a means of transport.

The workshop, owned by Võ Tấn Tân, is located in the heart of a bamboo craft village in Cam Thanh commune, Hoi An city.

Tan, who studied to become an IT engineer, has been producing bamboo furniture because it is the family business and the traditional trade of his home.

From the first bike, Tan has made hundreds of others which can withstand weight and are eco-friendly. They are loved by foreign tourists and have also been exported to Europe and America.

 Tan has successfully made racing bikes, all-terrain bikes and tandem bikes. He also made a bamboo battery-powered car. Tan wishes to expand his workshop to receive more visitors and raise people’s awareness of the value of bamboo./.