After a decline in the first month of the year, domestic banks are recovering and register an increase in asset, according to the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV).

SBV’s data showed that the total assets of the whole banking industry by the end of February surged by nearly 26 trillion VND (roughly 1.24 billion USD) against the previous month to 5,009 trillion VND (over 238.5 billion USD).

Among the total, assets of State-owned commercial banks increased by more than 20.5 trillion VND while rising asset figures for joint stock commercial banks and cooperative credit institutions amounted to 4.7 trillion VND and 1.9 trillion VND respectively.

However, total assets were still about 76 trillion VND, lower than that at the end of December last year, of which State-owned commercial banks and joint stock commercial banks saw respective declines of 63 trillion VND and 26.5 trillion VND.

Equity for the entire banking industry rose by 4.9 trillion VND month-on-month to 413.5 trillion VND by the end of February. The equity o commercial banks rose sharply in February by 3 trillion VND while commercial joint stock banks saw an increase of 1.15 trillion VND.

The equity of finance and leasing companies also surged by 550 billion VND. Charter capital for the whole sector changed slightly during the period, rising by 10 billion VND from the end of January to nearly 393. trillion VND.

The loan-to-deposit ratio (LTD) was at 88.43 percent, down from 89.52 percent at the end of January. The capital adequacy ratio (CAR) for the sector stood at 13.55 percent by the end of February. The ratio was down to 13.03 percent for commercial joint stock banks and up for other lenders.

The return on equity (ROE) and return on assets (ROA) for the local banking sector were at 6.31 percent and 0.62 percent respectively.-VNA