Total assets for the banking industry reached 5,225 trillion VND (237.51 billion USD) by the end of May, the highest level since the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) decided to disclose the figure in June 2012.

Banking assets were up 41.5 trillion VND against the previous month, the SBV reported.

The SBV, however, noted that only State-owned banks, joint-ventures and foreign banks saw a rise in assets, of which state-owned banks contributed 45.35 trillion VND and foreign banks, 132 billion VND.
Total assets for joint stock commercial banks were down 34 billion VND, while those of financial leasing and finance companies were down more than 3.1 trillion VND.

Compared to last year’s figures, total assets for the banking industry surged to nearly 140 trillion VND or 2.74 percent. With the exception of financial leasing and finance companies, all other credit institutions saw a rise in total assets, with nearly 64 trillion VND coming from state-owned banks, 54 trillion VND from joint venture and foreign banks and more than 22.5 trillion VND from joint stock commercial banks.

By the end of May, equity for the banking industry grew by 18.3 trillion VND against the previous month’s figure of 437.3 trillion VND following a decline of 7 trillion VND in April. State owned banks saw the highest rise in equity from 17.2 trillion VND to 153 trillion VND, while joint-stock commercial banks recorded the largest decline in equity at 6.9 trillion VND.

By May’s end, charter capital for the banking industry rose by nearly 6.4 trillion VND from the previous month to 400 trillion VND.

The SBV’s data also showed that the loan-to-deposit ratio (LTD) for the banking industry by the end of May fell 12.56 percent against the previous month, with the capital adequacy ratio (CAR) was 14.25 percent.-VNA.