Located in the southeast of Hanoi , past the Chuong Duong Bridge and 10km along the Red River dyke, the traditional Bat Trang craft village is an ideal shopping destination for visitors on Tet holidays. Reported by Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV).

Festive season stockpiling can overwhelm Bat Trang village’s first time guests. The Lunar New Year adds holiday decorations to the traditional household ceramic products Bat Trang is famous for.

For those domestically inclined, sophisticated bowl sets and vases are available to buy. Many people appreciate the stately elegance of porcelain relics and paintings. Younger visitors can admire wind-chimes, bracelets, and plaster horses.

Bat Trang artisans have augmented the traditional blue and white enamels with new shades and finishes matching modern styles.

Prices have not climbed in line with the village’s arriving tourists. A set of cups averages 100,000 VND–500,000 VND. A vase can be bought for 120,000 VND–180,000 VND, with specialty items selling for more.

Some factories in Bat Trang village are busy fulfilling hundreds of orders from shops across the country.

Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung, owner of the Tien Nhung factory, said Tet holiday demand translates to hard work and careful planning. All goods must be completed on time and to rigorous standards of quality.

The bustling to and fro of loaded trucks leaving Bat Trang and excited tourists entering its gates have become other evocative images of the run up to Tet.-VNA