Dang Thi Minh Trong’s family in Phuoc Dan town, Ninh Phuoc district, in Ninh Thuan province have worked with pottery for many generations.

Her family used to produce household ceramics and items of worship, primarily for the local Cham people.

In order to meet the diverse tastes of the market, Ms. Trong developed a new line of fine art ceramics that meet customer demand for interior and exterior décor.

She now sells thousands of ceramic products of all kinds every month.

“My facility used to employ two workers. Now, to meet demand for products sold online, we need eight workers. Good reviews from customers about our products have helped us with sales,” Trong said.

In Bau Truc village are many young workers like Ms Trong who are quick to identify new directions for development.

The village also boasts ceramic artisans such as Mrs. Dang Thi Hang, who is passionately working with young people to create new designs and pass on the secrets of ceramic crafting to her children and grandchildren.

“I have been making pottery since I was 18 years old. My mother taught me, and I have taught my children,” said Hang. She added, “I am now 73 years old, and have always taught them to be persistent in mastering and preserving the craft.”

Bau Truc village is now home to more than 660 households with over 3,000 people, with 250 households engaged in pottery crafting. There are also two cooperatives and 11 establishments specialising in pottery production and business.

Beyond innovating production, Bau Truc also combines ceramic production with the development of community tourism.

Visitors to Bau Truc pottery village can watch artisans create pottery with their skilled hands and also have the opportunity to try to make ceramics themselves.

“This is the second time my family and I have come to Bau Truc pottery village to admire the interesting art of pottery-making. Products are completely handmade, making them different from other ceramic products made elsewhere,” said Nguyen Thi The, a visitor from Ho Chi Minh City. “I was surprised to see an 80-year-old artisan still at work. Her hands and feet were flexible as she made her products.”

The new direction in development is expected to create a driving force for Bau Truc pottery village to develop more strongly in the future, helping it attract more tourists and become an attractive tourist destination./.