Princess Mathilde of Belgium on March 15 visited UNICEF-supported projects in Ho Chi Minh City to find out about the needs of urban children in Vietnam.

The princess met with street children and young people affected by HIV/AIDS. She also visited the Thao Dan Centre, which works to support vulnerable and street children.

Founded in 1992, the centre has so far provided support to more than 4,000 disadvantaged children. Most of them were from poor families in rural areas.

Mathilde also visited Dieu Giac pagoda, which provides support and care to children affected by HIV and AIDS and their families .

The support provision is in the framework of the Buddhist Leadership Initiative established by UNICEF in Vietnam in 2003. Through the initiative, UNICEF works with the government and international partners on training monks and nuns to support the special needs of people affected by HIV, contributing to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS in the community.-VNA