Belgium will continue to support Vietnam to manage its water resources in 2012 based on the positive results of a Belgian-funded project on water resources in 2011.

Details were released at a conference in Hanoi on Feb. 10 reviewing the project “ Capacity Building in Assessing and Managing Water Resources in Vietnam ” (CAPAS), which was carried out in seven provinces in Vietnam .

After the project’s initial success, Belgium has decided to extend it to many other areas throughout the country this year.
Martin Junker, the Belgian-funded CAPAS project’s chief advisor, said that the project aims to draw up an action plan to protect water resources, especially underground water reserves.

During 2012, it will support the seven previously targeted provinces to improve their monitoring and recording procedures.

Subsequently, each locality will be provided with the necessary equipment to assess levels of water pollution and identify the causes.

Meanwhile, Belgium will assist Vietnam when it launches a campaign to increase the public’s awareness of the harmful affects of water pollution through a series of seminars and public events in response to World Water Day (Mar. 22).

Scientists say that most people in Vietnam use untreated surface water and the increasing pollution to both surface and underground water reserves has made it essential for proper methods of treatment to be applied to ensure clean water supplies for local people./.