A massive fire flared at the EACC trade centre in Wolka Kosowska, Poland, in early morning of August 22, causing heavy losses for Vietnamese traders.

BBC Radio quoted an electronics dealer named Nguyen Thanh Son as saying that the fire was found starting at around 3 and 4 am, when a number of containers of goods were being transported into the mart.

The market is officially open from 9 every morning.

Authorities said they had sent out some 25 fire-fighter squads from Warsaw and surrounding localities instantly after receiving emergency signals. The accident was covered live by Polish press and televisions.

It was reported that the fire has caused bankruptcy to almost all Vietnamese traders there as none of them was believed to have bought commodity insurances.

The Wolka Kosowka trade centre was originally a building constructed by overseas Chinese in late 1090s. Since 2000, Vietnamese in Poland rented kiosks there to do business, making it a busy market to supply goods for Polish people and neighbouring countries.

To meet an increasing demand, people of the Chinese, Turkish and Vietnamese origins have rushed in to build more blocks of buildings, including warehouses and boarding houses./.